Riding From the Inside Out: Empowering Our Horse Girl Selves Podcast

Riding From the Inside Out - Empowering Our Horse Girl Selves Podcast Cover

This podcast is all about empowering ourselves as horse girls. Whether you’ve ridden for years, or you’re new to embracing yourself as a horse girl, the Riding From the Inside Out Podcast is designed to support and empower you.

In this show I talk about how I became a horse girl as a child and why I’ve returned to being an active horse girl as an adult. I discuss what I’ve learned about why many of us are lifelong horse girls – what that inexplicable heart and soul-based force is that draws us to horses like moths to a flame.

I share how I’ve learned that our relationships with horses can be an opportunity for us as horse girls to empower ourselves at our deepest inner self levels. And by doing so, we can feel more empowered in all aspects of our lives, including in our riding and our relationships with horses.

In this podcast I’ll share personal stories of my journey to date, how I continue to practice empowering myself day to day in my relationship with my current horses, and how you can, too. I’ll also periodically interview other women about how they’re empowering themselves as horse girls.

So join me as we go on this journey of empowering our horse girl selves.