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Creating From the Inside Out - Embracing & Empowering Our Unique and Creative Selves Podcast Cover Art

The Creating From the Inside Out Podcast is all about empowering ourselves by embracing our own creativity and uniqueness from within. Whether you already call yourself a creator or creative, or you’re new to embracing your own creative powers and uniqueness this podcast is designed to support and empower you.

In this show I talk about what it means to embrace our unique and creative selves, how we can do it. And how I’ve learned that by embracing our creativity and uniqueness, we can empower all aspects of ourselves.

I discuss how my path of embracing my unique and creative self has changed over the years; how it worked when I first started doing it, what it looks like today, and how I do it through the ups and downs of daily life.

And I discuss how by doing this – my work, my art, and ultimately my life has changed for the better. And yours can, too.

So join me as we go on this journey of embracing our unique and creative selves – together.

Riding From the Inside Out - Empowering Our Horse Girl Selves Podcast Cover Art

The Riding From the Inside Out Podcast is about empowering ourselves as heart and soul based horse girls, from the inside out. The inner practice.

In this show I talk about what I’ve learned about why many of us are lifelong horse girls. What that inexplicable heart and soul-based force is that draws us to horses like moths to a flame.

I share how I’ve learned that our lives with horses can be an opportunity for us as heart and soul horse girls to empower ourselves at our deepest inner levels. How this can deepen the foundation of our partnerships with our horses. And how it can help us experience a sense of personal power, increased energy flow, and centeredness in all aspects of our lives.

In this podcast I’ll share personal stories of my horse girl journey to date, how I continue to practice empowering myself in my daily horse girl life, and how you can, too. I’ll also periodically interview other heart and soul centered horse girls about how they’re empowering themselves, as well.

So join me as we go on this journey of empowering our horse girl selves, together.

Adventures In Ranching: Starting a (Small) Horse Ranch in Montana Podcast Cover Art

In Adventures In Ranching I share my family’s experiences of feeling called to move to Montana and create a (small) ranch for horses from scratch.

As part of this, I share the adventures that we went through of not knowing how to do any of what we were called to do, and the challenges we experienced.

Whether you’re in the process of starting your own small ranch or horse property already, or you’re secretly dreaming of doing so one day, I created this podcast to entertain you or perhaps inspire you to push past the doubts, fears or challenges and follow your deepest dreams.