Have a horse or riding issue you can’t  get to the bottom of?  Questioning why you even have a horse, given the time and money commitment

My question to you is: why did you become a horse girl anyway? This may seem like it’s unrelated to the problem you are facing, but it’s not.

And that’s because we often struggle with challenges and situations when we don’t remember WHY we’re in them in the first place. Why we chose to embark on them initially. Or sometimes we don’t even know why we got started or “into” the things we got into. Maybe it just fell into place and made sense at the time and you never questioned it.

But questioning it can serve you. Asking yourself why you got into it, can serve you. Because doing a deep-dive to explore why you became a horse girl anyway – or remembering it – can bring clarity and peace within you. It can reinvigorate your passion and also open you up to new solutions and ideas related to your problems (and put them into their true perspective.)

That’s what this episode is all about. Asking yourself why you became a horse girl anyway. And how by asking yourself this question, you can empower yourself, from the inside out.

Tune in to hear the discussion.

. . .

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