Today I talk about ways that we can increase our creativity. As part of this, I share how energy, flow, empowerment (and even physical pain) tie into our creativity. How they are all connected. I follow up on the serious back pain resurgence that I shared in Ep. 9, and what happened with my back since then.
As part of this discussion, I talk about:
  • What creativity really is
  • How our true creativity is not about making a perfect outcome (i.e. a painting, craft, drawing, written piece, business activity, etc.)
  • How creativity is tied into allowing or disallowing our own power.
  • How creativity is about doing what feels good to us. Allowing ourselves to express what is heartfelt and unique to us. Having the courage to allow ourselves to feel this, and to express it.
  • What happens to our creative expression (and life overall) when we don’t empower ourselves
  • And so much more

. . .