In this podcast, I share my experiences from the period of 2018-2021 of practicing the teachings of Abraham Hicks that resonated with me and my own Inner Guidance. As part of this I share my personal experiences, stories, and insights including the ups and downs of my journey. I discuss the law of attraction, energy, vibrational frequency, contrast, creating our own reality, alignment, my own Inner Guidance (aka Inner Being), and much more.



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The Creating From the Inside Out: Practicing the Teachings of Abraham Hicks Podcast was published in the period from 2018 to early 2021 and grew very quickly into a worldwide community of very active listeners.

In 2021, I was called by my Inner Guidance to stop recording new episodes and to remove this podcast from all hosting platforms, which I did.

In 2023, I felt a strong calling from my Inner Guidance to make all previously recorded episodes of this podcast available again for those who may resonate or benefit from this material at this time. Because this podcast was recorded in the past, there are references to an active Facebook group and other offerings I had at the time that are no longer available.

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Connecting Inward®
Connecting Inward is the method that I personally use — and teach — for connecting and communicating with our own deepest Inner Guidance. I refer to this method throughout the Creating From the Inside Out podcast but didn’t receive the guidance to give it the name “Connecting Inward” until further along in the podcast.

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