In today’s episode I reflect on the amazing combination of things we have in our Montana property and home.

How it’s the most perfectly-tailored-to-us combination of mountain views, conifer trees, horse pastures, wildlife, opportunities for tractor and pickup truck adventures for my husband and kids, privacy and yet neighbors nearby, and so very much more. How it’s a compilation of so many things dear to our hearts and to be honest, many things I longed for, but had given up on believing I could ever have.

And how, despite our years of well-honed skills in strategy, planning, and execution in the tech industry, we could’ve never fully envisioned and found this place on our own with our logical, rational minds. But how our inner knowing knew all of what we wanted and dreamed of, and it delivered all of that to us in this amazing property and place we now get to call home. And I share how I’ve come to see how this can be everyone’s experience when we begin to follow our deepest inner knowing.

. . .

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