In today’s episode I have a frank and heartfelt discussion about the many hard parts and challenges we’ve faced on our adventures in ranching journey – both lately, and over the past year. In fact, there have been so many challenges and hard parts that I dedicate roughly 35 minutes of this episode to sharing things like horse feeding and horse herd dominance antics, horse catching theatrics, redoing electric fencing on an entire pasture and still having it not work properly woes, massive horse shelter delays, and so much more..


I also talk about how despite all of these unwanted situations, we receive unexpected and amazing blessings, and magical experiences and reminders that we were called to this journey for a larger purpose even though it may not be fully known to us yet. And I share how we’ve learned how to keep marching forward despite our challenges, and despite the hard times, because after we make it through these hard parts we feel a sense of amazement and wonder and appreciation at what we’ve learned and experienced because of them. And that is truly the most wonderful gift.

. . .

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