In today’s episode I talk about when our Inner Guidance feels like it’s calling us in one direction so we do it. But then it seems to call us to do something else that seems like a different direction. And then maybe we even get called back to our first direction… And we feel like screaming and saying, “Ugggh! What is it calling me to do? What is the right path?”

I describe how I felt like this recently and how I was able to tune into a dream from last night to help me understand what was going on and what my guidance was really calling me to do. 

As part of this episode I talk about what a consciousness change – or state of being change – is and how and why we have them. I talk about dreams and share how dreams can help us receive clarity from our Inner Guidance, and I talk about much, much more.

I’m so glad you tuned into today’s episode. Please share this episode and the podcast with anyone who may resonate or benefit from it.