Today I talk about what happened on my last day of getting my second horse home, and the days following that epic adventure of following my deepest knowing. I share how I was elated at following my guidance and facing my fears on that journey, and yet right after that, some other “cans of worms” came up that I felt simply tired and  frustrated at being asked to now address.

I talk in this episode about how that can happen after we make a big jump in following our deepest guidance and why it can feel like a new “worm can” is now coming up when all we may want to do is catch a break. I discuss what I’ve learned about why this happens, what’s really going on, and what how we can better support ourselves in these experiences.

If you haven’t heard, I recently announced a new offering called Riding From the Inside Out, which aligns with the Following Yourself podcast. In it, I share video-based insights, teachings, and stories related to horses, riding, my life in Montana, the journey of following ourselves and the callings of our deepest dreams, and ultimately becoming the self-empowered sovereign creator beings that we truly are.  Check it out on the link below or search YouTube for Michelle Waldo.

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