This episode wraps up a series of episodes (starting with Ep. 52) in which I went on a physical journey to get a second horse. But it was more than a journey to get a horse. It was a spiritual calling — a huge step on my path of following my deepest knowing despite any and all fears and doubts and uncertainties. And so with the culmination of this “physical” journey, I experience new profound insights at a deep energetic and emotional level about how we don’t ever need to seek things outside of ourselves to feel good. To feel our power. To feel our true worth. That it is all truly already within us. And while these are things I’ve known conceptually and shared on this podcast, in today’s episode I feel them at a much deeper level at the core of my being. And as a result, my life changes in many new and exciting ways. Tune in to hear about my journey.

Today I also announce the release of Episode 2 of my Riding From the Inside Out video program on YouTube, which aligns with the Following Yourself Podcast and shares insights, teachings, and stories related to my riding, horses, my life now in Montana, following ourselves, and ultimately following the callings of our deepest dreams.  In this episode I unexpectedly am called to do a Connecting Inward session on video, which gives me insights into a scary situation with my horse that I hadn’t been able to understand until doing so. Check it out on the link below or search YouTube for Michelle Waldo.

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