Michelle Waldo, Host of the Podcasts Creating From the Inside Out and Riding From the Inside Out
Michelle Waldo Tuning In to Learn More About Her New Horse After His Arrival in Montana

I’m Michelle Waldo, a Heart & Soul Centered Creator and Horse Girl.

I love creating things that I feel inspired to create by listening to my heart and soul. I love embracing my personal power and flowing my own unique and creative energy. I do this in my experiences as a creator, and in my daily life as a horse girl living in beautiful Montana.
I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned and what I continue to learn as I do so. Navigating through the ups, the downs, and all of my experiences as a heart and soul creator and horse girl.
To that end, I love supporting other heart & soul-centered creators in tuning into & flowing their own personal power, energy, and deepest inner knowing. So that we all, as heart & soul-centered creators, can do what we love—expressing the truth of who we are and creating what we feel inspired to create.
And I love supporting other heart & soul horse girls in tuning into and flowing their own personal power, energy, & inner wisdom, as well. Expanding our understanding of how we can do this as a daily practice in our horse girl lives. Ultimately deepening the heart and soul partnerships we have with our horses, and expanding our own personal power, energy flow, and knowing in all aspects of our lives.

I’m also the creator of Connecting Inward®, a method that I personally use and teach others how to do, that helps us tune into and communicate with our deepest inner knowing in a personalized and experiential way.


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