Michelle Waldo, Host of the Podcasts Creating From the Inside Out and Riding From the Inside Out
Michelle Waldo Tuning In to Learn More About Her New Horse After His Arrival in Montana

Are You Ready To Start Listening To and Trusting Your Inner Knowing?

To start tapping into and following your deepest inner wisdom related to your creativity or art, or your relationship with horses?

I’m Michelle Waldo and I teach what I’ve learned about doing all of these things. I love sharing the insights and techniques I’ve developed that have helped me embrace and expand my own creative power,  create deeper connections to my horses, and tune into the inspiring and rejuvenating energy of nature.

I’m also an artist and abstract landscape painter whose work is directly inspired by the beauty of nature, particularly the mountains around where I live in northwestern Montana.

Additionally, I’m the creator of Connecting Inward®, a practice that I personally use and teach others how to do, that helps us tune into and communicate with our deepest inner knowing, creative energy, and connection with horses — in a personalized and experiential way.


Creating From the Inside Out - Embracing & Empowering Our Unique and Creative Selves Podcast Cover Art
Riding From the Inside Out - Empowering Our Horse Girl Selves Podcast Cover Art
Adventures In Ranching: Starting a (Small) Horse Ranch in Montana Podcast Cover Art