Hello, I’m Michelle.

I teach SELF EMPOWERMENT. I share how I've learned to empower myself and I help others learn how to empower themselves, as well.

I do this through podcasts, education programs such as online and in-person courses and classes, retreats, products, and much more.

I'm also the creator of Connecting Inward®, a method that I use and teach, that helps us tune into and communicate directly and regularly with our own deepest Inner Guidance in a personalized and experiential way.

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Connecting Inward®

Connecting Inward


Following Yourself: Learning to Follow Your Own Inner Guidance Podcast

In this podcast I talk about my lifelong journey of learning to “follow myself”- that deeper, wiser Inner Guidance part of myself. And I share personal stories, insights, and tools that can help you follow your own self by tuning into the Inner Guidance already within you that’s calling you to where you truly want to go.

As part of this, I discuss what I mean by following yourself, how I’ve learned to do it and practice doing it every day –and what I’ve learned about energy, frequency, vibration, and the consciousness and energetic changes that I believe we are all experiencing, whether we use those words or not. And I share how I’ve learned we can navigate these changes and support ourselves as we begin living in new ways – following ourselves and our own deepest Inner Guidance.

Following A Dream: Pursuing A New Way of Living or Lifestyle Podcast

In this podcast I talk about my experiences of being called to pursue a new lifestyle or way of living. And I talk to others about their experiences pursuing their dreams of living in new ways also.

As part of this podcast we’ll be discussing how the call to follow a dream can come, how sometimes we’re not even aware of what we really long for until we have the courage to begin to question our current reality, and we’ll talk about what the experience of following our deepest dreams can look and feel like.

Adventures In Ranching: Starting a Small Horse Ranch in Montana Podcast

In this podcast I share my family’s experiences of feeling called to move to Montana and create a small ranch for horses. As part of this, I share the adventures that we go through of not knowing how to do any of what we’re called to do, and the encounters we experience.

Whether you’re living on your own small ranch or homestead already, or you’re secretly dreaming of doing so one day, I created this podcast to entertain you or perhaps inspire you to follow your own calling of moving to your own larger piece of property.

Riding From the Inside Out - Connect With Your Deepest Inner Guidance to Improve Your Riding & Your Understanding of Your Horse & Yourself Podcast

In this podcast, I share my journey of tuning into my own Inner Wisdom to deepen my understanding of my horse, my riding, and myself. I talk about how I’ve learned to do this and how you can do it too –whether you’re a rider in any discipline, a competitive show equestrian, or you’re looking to understand your horse and yourself in a new way. As part of this podcast, I’ll share my own personal journey and day to day stories as a horse owner and rider, as well as talk to others about their journeys.